The Impact of Public Perception of Clinical Research

To Be Patient-centric, Be Site-centric

Are You Ready for an Unplanned Site Inspection?

Responding to Rare Diseases—The Orphan Drug Act in Action

A Look at the FDA's Report on Top Clinical Trial Site Violations

Diversity in Clinical Trials - 4 Practical Ways We Can Make it Happen

What tools and tech can help build a better sense of team in a clinical trial?

How and Why You Need a "Team View" for Clinical Trial Operations

Diversity in Clinical Trials - The Challenges Highlighted by COVID-19

Coming Together to Benefit the Greater Research Community

What Centralized Technologies Can Help Build a Sense of Team Throughout a Clinical Trial?

COVID-19 Challenge Trials—The Unique Challenges for Study Teams

Can Technology Improve the Human Touch in Clinical Trials?

ICH E6(R3) An Evolving Guideline for a Rapidly Changing Industry

Better Site Training - Learning from the Pandemic

What To Do When The Placebo Effect Is More Problematic Than "Pleasing"

Navigating Clinical Trials Regulation (EU) 536/2014 - Are We There Yet?

What Do Complex Innovative Designs Mean for Oncology Trial Conduct?

Key Considerations for Consent and Assent in Pediatric Clinical Trials

Working with your IRB and preparing for the audit you hope will never happen

Good Clinical Practice in the Era of COVID-19

MSLs - An Important Voice in Your Clinical Trial

Will COVID-19 be the push clinical research needs to be genuinely patient-centric?

Longboat Launches Virtual Visits

Supporting research during the COVID-19 pandemic

Virtual Guidance - Bringing Clinical Resources Together

COVID-19 Pandemic – a Layman’s Guide

What is 21 CFR Part 11 and Why is it Important?

Unique Operational Aspects of Vaccine Trials - A Timely Review in Light of Coronavirus Outbreak

2020 Update - The EU Clinical Trials Regulation – Everything You Need to Know

Writing an Informed Consent Form that Maximizes Patient Retention

Can Amendments to Clinical Trial Protocols be Avoided?

Common Pitfalls When Sites Create and Maintain Their Own Procedure Docs

Clinical Trials in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

How to Maximize the SIV for Site Staff

How to Approach Systems Integration and Single Sign-on in Your Clinical Operations

What is Systems Integration and Single Sign-On and How Can It Help with Clinical Trials?

The Race to Treat Atopic Dermatitis - Everything you need to know

How Can Sponsors Support Sites Running a Rare Disease Trial?

Managing the Complexities of Modern Clinical Studies

Thinking of Running a Virtual Trial? Why a Hybrid Approach May Be Best

Longboat Launches Patient CONNECT

5 Ways eLearning Can Help Patients on Your Clinical Trial

Avoca Quality Consortium and Longboat Clinical Partner to Deliver Clinical Trial Site Quality Management System (QMS) Tools to Industry Sponsors

Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities of Clinical Trials in Asia

The Race to Treat NASH – Everything You Need to Know

The EU Clinical Trials Regulation – Everything You Need to Know

Bringing the Quality and Compliance Perspective to Clinical Trials; a Look at the Industry with Patty Leuchten

A Site Team’s Perspective on Clinical Trials; a Look at the Industry with Amanda Wright

From Clinical Trial Villains to Heroes; a Look at the Industry with Débora Araujo

Brexit - what does it mean for clinical research in the UK and the EU?

Longboat Announced as CARE Awards Finalist - “Best Patient-Focused Technological Development”

How the US Government Shutdown Affected Clinical Research

Why Clinical Trial Sponsors Need to Proactively Harness Social Media

Retain Patients, Maintain the Statistical Power of Your Study

Why Technology is an Enabler, Not a Barrier, for Older Trial Participants

Running Trials in Developing Countries? Make Mobile Technology Your Friend

Shifting from 'One and Done': How to Keep Investigators Engaged for Your Next Trial

CISCRP "Aware for All" event at Trinity Translational Medicine Institute

Creating the Change: The Importance of Integration in Clinical Technologies

How The Patient's Experience and the Site Team's Experience Impacts Study Managers

3 Factors, from the patient's point of view, that improve Patient Engagement

The Importance of Taking a Holistic Approach to Localization in Your Trial

Patient and Research Site Engagement in Clinical Trials: 3 Key Ingredients

3 Things That Make a Successful Clinical Trial Site

Using Feasibility Tools to Build Better Sponsor–Investigator Relationships

Caregivers: The Unseen Force Behind Clinical Trials

Are all your sites inspection ready?

How Sites Can Save Time on Clinical Trial Recruitment

How videos improve patient understanding of informed consent in clinical trial research

4 Types of "Smart Trials": Clinical Studies Designed with Cutting Edge Technology In Mind

Using Technology to Design Leaner Clinical Trials

How to Better Support Sites so They Become Your Best Recruiters

Data collection mistakes: a cost driver for poorly performing clinical sites

Longboat's Disease and Drug Overview wins Health Communications Award

How to Create a Patient Engagement Strategy that Works

How 3D Animation Brings Your Clinical Study Drug to Life

How Can You Improve the Clinical Trial Experience for Your Sites and Patients?

Longboat Partners with World-Leading Neuroscience Consortium

Using Information Design to Support Clinical Trial Site Staff

How Longboat is Meeting GDPR Compliance Requirements

GDPR and Clinical Trial Compliance - What Does it Mean?

Longboat Clinical Features on Bloomberg and Fox Business Network

Risk-Based Monitoring Strategy? Five Key Technology Platform Features

Why You Need a Centralized Source of Documents for Your Clinical Trial

What's on the Wish List for Clinical Trial Patients? 

7 Things Patients Told Us About Taking Part in Clinical Trials

Risk-Based Monitoring, Data-Driven & Centralized Monitoring. Are They Working?

Longboat's Patient Engagement Platform Wins the Irish Medtech eHealth Innovation of the Year 2017 Award

The 4 Criteria of Truly Informed Consent for Patients

Clinical Trial Technologies - 10 User Interface Design Considerations

The Tool Everyone In Patient Recruitment Should Be Using

A Day in the Life of a Clinical Trial Patient

6 Tips for Creating Effective Clinical Trial Training

ICH GCP E6 (R2) - Modernizing Clinical Research Conduct

Lessons Learned From FDA Establishment Inspection Reports

Want Patient Engagement? Think team!

Changing Landscapes in Dublin

Patient Engagement - Building Trust is the First Step

How to Better Support Clinical Research Associates

Patient Compliance- A stretch too far?

Memorable Investigator Meeting Experiences

Risk-Based Monitoring Strategy? Eight Essentials for Clinical Trial Training Platforms

Rare Disease Day 2017

Can Patient Engagement Improve Protocol Compliance?

Ten Things Clinical Research Sites Told Us

SCOPE 2017 Summit for Clinical Operations Executives Summary

Final FDA Electronic Informed Consent Guidance: What Has Changed?

Evaluating Tolerability & Efficacy of Clinical Operations Processes

Patient Centricity Focus at PCT Europe 2016

Everything is Awesome

Clinical Trial Management - Making the Complex Simple

Clinical Trial Site Engagement Focus Group - Clinical Technology

Clinical Trial Protocol - Less Time, More Events

Running Your Clinical Trial With Clinical Technology

Rethinking Investigator Meetings

Where Patient Centricity Meets Protocol Compliance

Avoca Quality Consortium US & EU Summits: Patient Centricity

The Cure for Protocol Deviations and Non-Compliance? Ask a Doctor!

Patient Centricity – Novel Approaches for Communicating Trial Results

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