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Posted by Aidan Gannon on Jul 15, 2019 10:20:35 AM
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This short blog is about patient recruitment but will contain no stats, no metrics, no facts, and no figures.

If you work in clinical trials, these metrics will be all too familiar to you and you will have no desire to read them again. Suffice to say the measure from ‘Final Protocol approved’ to ‘Last Patient In’ is the one that study teams will spend most time thinking, and often stressing, about. And the frustration for teams is that it can be difficult to see how the recruitment process is going, whether the advertising strategy is working, and where potential patients are falling out along the way.

For site staff too, recruitment is not an easy period. Sites think they can find suitable patients but the eligibility criteria has changed (again!) since the last questionnaire. And the potential patients the recruitment vendor has found for them may sometimes result in time-wasting dead-ends.

Longboat’s Patient CONNECT is designed to make online awareness and patient recruitment programs more connected – by putting patients directly in contact with enrolling sites and by providing study teams with the associated data they need, immediately.

Patient CONNECT is an app that can be embedded within any patient recruitment website allowing prospective patients to self-screen for a study and submit their contact details to a participating site. Similarly, it enables Healthcare Professionals refer a patient to enrolling sites. The site is immediately notified by email and the patient’s details are (securely and privately) added to the site’s dashboard on the Longboat platform. The site then updates the status of the referral through the discussion, screening, consenting, and enrolling process.

This information is made directly available to the study team on the Longboat reporting dashboard, providing oversight of the recruitment campaign on a global, regional, and site-level. A breakdown of the metrics from each stage of the process is presented – everything from number of ad clicks,  to the breakdown of number of visitors to the recruitment website, visitor behaviours and of course the rates of self-screen, screening, consenting etc.

Patient CONNECT can be integrated on any website, whether developed by Longboat or another vendor. For more information or to request a demo, contact us at info@longboat.com.

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