Longboat's Disease and Drug Overview wins Health Communications Award

Posted by Graham Hamilton on Jul 4, 2018 11:22:24 AM



Winner - Longboat's Disease and Drug Overview


We are thrilled to announce that Longboat's Disease and Drug Overview Show Reel has won Health/Medicine category Summit International Awards 2018!

Dedicated to recognizing excellence in communications, the Summit International Awards’ panel of judges comprises professionals from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Sweden, Ukraine, and Germany. This year’s Summit Creative Award attracted more than 5,000 submissions from 26 countries; among those, Longboat’s was analyzed under the following key areas:  

  • Strength of Concept
  • Quality of Execution
  • Ability to Persuade

Longboat’s Disease and Drug Overview provides much needed context to clinical trial site staff. Staff tasked with the day-to-day execution of a clinical trial often do so without the requisite knowledge to instill patient confidence in the molecule under investigation. The Disease and Drug Overview provides this knowledge in a way that allows site staff to buy into the clinical study. The result is better informed and engaged sites, as well as increased awareness of the study purpose, which ultimately improves trial outcomes by increasing compliance to protocol requirements.

"Our Sponsor and CRO partners never cease to be impressed by how our team of pharmacologists and 3D graphics bring their molecule to life. We are thrilled that both the skills and creativity of our team, and the Disease and Drug Overview itself, are being marked by the Summit International Awards.” Ken O’Connell, Longboat CEO

The Longboat animations are part of a wider solution that addresses all key stakeholders on pharmaceutical clinical study teams, including clinical operations, clinical study monitors, investigators and hospital staff, and patients. Each group accesses one integrated trial support platform. Depending on the user’s role in a clinical study, the interface and support provided adjusts to meet their specific needs. The coordination that stems from this integrated approach engenders a greater “sense of team” across these key groups. Longboat's solutions are developed and validated to cater specifically for the highly regulated bio-pharma industry.


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If you want to learn how Longboat can support consistent training and compliance across all stakeholders involved in the success of your clinical trial, we'd love to talk to you.

If you're a talented 3D animation specialist or pharmacologist looking for an opportunity to create leading medical animations, please contact us. We are always looking out for talented people to join the Longboat crew.

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